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The Tanz (AK|T) training conference was founded in 2007 by the representatives of all federal dance training institutions in Germany. It is understood as a consortium and national representation of interests with the goal for professional dance training in Germany
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Technical questions are handled and discussed in regular meetings and a sustainable exchange is promoted. Furthermore, the members of the AK|T meet for further training, which is executed at alternating locations and for different topics
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The biennial dance training serves for the promotion of growth in stage dancing as well as the technical exchange of dance training institutions with each other. It is thought of as a national forum for the exchange and contact between students and teachers
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Starting in 2006 within the scope of Tanzplan Deutschland, the Tanz (AK|T) education conference regularly organises training and education for professors and both artistic and scientific employees from federal educational institutions
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In this list you can find the study offers from the AK|T institutions, including bachelor and master programs.
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