About us

The Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz (AK|T)  was founded in 2006 by the representatives of all federal dance training institutions in Germany.


It is understood to be a consortium and national representation of interests with the goal of strengthening professional dance training in Germany (BA, MA / diploma / stage readiness test).

The AK|T actively participates in the discussions about the current educational field in dance, through

  • representing the mutual interests of our member institution as a national body
  • the intensification of cooperation and concurrent elevation of the profile of the individual dance education institutions
  • networking with the international partners.

The most important mutual project of the AK|T is the dance education biennale, which has occurred regularly since 2008, at various locations, as a national forum for the exchange and contact between students and teachers. Since 2012, the dance education biennale is financed by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research as a national platform to promote the next generation of dancers.

The initiative for the merging of the dance institutions was instigated by Tanzplan Deutschland. Through countless meetings between teachers and students, both in practical cooperation and theoretical exchange, for the Bologna process, the conversion of study programs into bachelor and master programs and many other topics, a solid basis was created for the future work of the AK|T following the end of Tanzplan Deutschland.

Guidelines and Agenda

Ausbildungskonfertenz Tanz