Starting in 2006, within the scope of Tanzplan Deutschland, the Tanz (AK|T) education conference regularly organises training and education for professors working in artistic and theoretical capacities within the federal educational institutions. This helps promote the technical exchange of teachers with each other as well as with national and international experts.

 2017 | Berlin
 Workshop “Dancing in the Street. Was bewegt Tanz?” with Jo Parkes, Gentian Doda and Kadir “Amigo” Memis (Documentation)
2015 | München
Workshop “Feedback and reflection” (Perform Back Score) with Mariella Greil and Lisa Hinterreithner
2014 | Berlin
Meeting “Master Programs Dance / Dance Pedagogy within the AK|T” with Fernando Coelho, Ingo Diehl, Wanda Golonka, Nik Hafner, Rhys Martin, Vera Sander
2013 | Köln
Workshop “What is Creativity?” with Deborah Bull
2011 | Mannheim
Workshop „Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Technique® & Partnering” mit Nora Kimball Mentzos | Interview with Nora Kimball tanz 2011 | Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Technique
2011 | Berlin
Introduction in the method of work for the research project “Tanztechniken 2010” Tanzplan Deutschland
2010 | Mannheim
Workshop “Contemporary (floor) technique” with Shannon Moreno and Farley Johansson
2009 | Berlin
Workshop “Reconstruction” – Festival brasil move berlim
2008 | Dresden
Workshop “Balanchine Technique” with Merrill Ashley
2007 | Köln
Workshop “Enhancing methods of dance study using innovative approaches to the documentation and analysis of choreographic methods” with Scott deLahunta
2007 | Köln
Workshop “Artistic research as advanced choreographic practice using the example from Emio Greco | PC” with Marijke Hoogenboom
2007 | Köln
Workshop “Mind in Movement” with Gill Clark
2007 | Berlin
Workshop “Improvisation Technologies” with Christine Bürkle
2006 | Frankfurt
Workshop “Communication methods of ballet” with Javier Torres

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